Photobooths with a twist...

Photobooth 1080p-156.jpg

Much more than just a boring booth!

Take the nerdiness of Gerard- the obsession with perfect lighting, the best gear and the finer details. Add in a sprinkle of his wife, Cobie (loves parties, costumes, making people laugh and taking their photos) and you have our incredible Photobooths!

We can fit up to 15 people in our open booths. That's 15 times the FUN! (Seriously). We have props galore; you and your party guests will be crying with laughter as they try new hilarious costumes, write messages and strike a pose. We print photos (many sizes available) on the spot for you and your guests to enjoy. That's right, you don't have to squint to see our photos. We will print them big enough for grandma to see. Enjoy state of the art studio lighting, that can make Frankenstein look like a Victoria's Secret model. We use only the BEST equipment for our booths, including our printers, screens, backdrops and of course (Gerard's favourite), the lighting. Because of this, we can also create beautiful studio quality family portraits right there at your event. We are so much more than just a photobooth.

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